Introduction of SAP2000 extension 2020

Introduction of SAP2000 Extension 2020. This is a software based API of SAP2000 to help steel structural engineer.

The SAP2000 API can be used to start and/or connect to a running instance of SAP2000 on a remote computer that is running the API Service. This can be particularly useful if you need to run a large number of load cases (e.g., earthquakes for performance-based design, moving load cases for bridge design, etc.), and there are multiple machines available for running analyses simultaneously.

Simultaneous runs can be started on multiple Remote Computers using an API script or plug-in, and results can be merged to the Main Computer programmatically, without user intervention, as they become available. Other applications could include using distributed processing to run a large parameter study or Monte Carlo simulation

Update APIPro 2021

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